We offer comprehensive and accurate rheological testing.

Blue gel

The Zeta Rheology Centre employs a number of highly qualified industrial chemists who are passionate about the science of surface chemistry and rheology.

Years of experience in this field have forged us into a formidable solution provider in this sphere. There is no need to settle for simple routine analysis. When working with us, our experience and guiding advice will help you get the correct data for your project. With us, you are choosing a dependable team focussed on your technical needs.

You can rely on us for a wide range of rheological information.

  • Viscosity & Flow
  • Yield Point
  • Oscillation rheology
  • Temperature Ramps
  • Creep
  • Zeta potential / surface charge / isoelectric point
  • Acoustic particle sizing for muds and thick slurries
  • Scanning electron microscopy for particle shape
  • Rheology modification: conditions and chemistry
  • Consulting services for projects, problem solving and R&D