The Zeta Rheology Centre is contained within Central Chemical Consulting and provides services relating to rheology.

  • Rheological Analysis
  • Zeta Potential
  • Particle Sizing
  • Scanning electron microscopy
  • Consulting Services

Our team

We have been providing advice and measurements on rheology for over 30 years. Through our experience and our PhD qualified personnel you can be assured of quality scientific results. Our team of industrial chemists can provide crucial information on process fluids and slurries. Our broad expertise in surface and colloid chemistry, coupled with our rheological know-how, have made us a useful resource you can call on and trust.

Previous work

We have worked with large and small organisations in areas as widespread as alumina processing, mineral sands, food products and pharmaceuticals. Our data has assisted engineers in the pumping of slurries. We have characterised red muds and other solid dispersions in the alumina industry. We have helped food scientists at CSIRO and Curtin University develop new food products through rheological knowledge of wheat dough liquors, lupin doughs and sorghum doughs. We have measured the rheology of geotechnical clays, mine tailings and lithium process slurries. Our laboratory has also collected rheological information on organic polymers and a range of other miscellaneous fluids.


Our Equipment

Zeta Rheology Centre uses research class rheological and surface chemistry instrumentation to test the flow characteristics of slurries and liquids in a wide range of industrial and mining processes. Our sensitive rheology instrumentation can even show differences between various water samples. Samples can be measured over a range of temperatures, typically up to 80 C, where required.

In support of our rheology we also have electron microscopy facilities to examine particle morphology and a Dispersion Technology DT1200 to measure particle size and zeta potential.

How it began

As a group of industrial chemists specialising in surface chemistry, for many years we were called in to modify the rheology of mineral slurries. At first our focus was on the chemistry to alter rheology, so we created the rheology by dispersing fine grains, coagulating specific materials, or flocculating minerals. As our need to characterise the rheological effects grew, so did our involvement, and dare I say obsession, with understanding the rheology itself. Now, if you need to know the rheology of a fluid or slurry, from viscosity to elasticity, you can rely on us to provide accurate measurements and reliable interpretation of results.

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